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January 15, 2009 in Inspiration

Sometimes I think I should leave all my gadgets at home when I go outside. Do I really get a full outdoor experience when I’m fiddling with a camera, a GPS receiver, or an MP3 player? Often, these things distract me from what I love most about being outdoors. Then I’ll be at home surfing and see something like Cookie and Paul Do America. All the best aspects of my outdoor experiences come flooding back, and I’m incredibly thankful they carried gadgets on their hike. Then I get some ideas for new things to do with my camera, and I have a lot of fun trying them out. Here’s my latest homemade outdoor media. Where’s yours?

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  1. Carrying gadgets is always something I appreciate in retrospect… There was plenty of times on the CDT when all I wanted to do was post my video camera back home – tired of carrying it, tired of feeling I had to keep stopping to film stuff. But obviously now it’s all shot and editted, I’m so glad I took it to capture the whole experience.

    There’s for the post 🙂

  2. Cheers Cookie, and thanks again for being so generous with the results of your efforts!

    One of the arguments against gadgets that hit home for me came from the minimalist As the Crow Flies blog. I still appreciate that perspective, but the allure of creation has overpowered it. At best outdoor home media can be art that promotes outdoor values, which I’m always for.

  3. Here is mine 🙂
    (English captions available in player)

    And a longer one:

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