Rock and Ice Lifemaps

February 8, 2009 in Lifemaps

The latest issue of Rock and Ice magazine has a feature article on jobs in climbing jobs that follows the Lifemaps format closely, and is based on a survey of 300 career climbers. You can read a good portion of the article online. There are some surprising contrasts in incomes and job satisfaction, but most of the participants said they were able to spend a good amount of time outdoors.

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    Dylan: Been checking out your site; you might be surprised to hear from me. Remember Jackson Hole two winters ago. Let’s think about a replay this coming winter. Understand you’ll be continuing your C. divide hike this summer. I will be in J>H>,my two sons and I will climb the Grand. I led the regular Exxum route a few years ago, but may have to have a guide this time, as age is getting to me. Tell Ann hello,

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