Is there another place for outdoorists online?

July 12, 2010 in Investigation

I hate to admit it, but part of living my outdoor dreams has been the realization that I don’t have the online time to write about my experiences here the way I had hoped. Initially I thought that this site might help me (and you) earn income in outdoor-oriented ways, and I have found my own way to do it, but haven’t learned much about what others do.

I do know a few outdoorists have gathered here, and are interested in talking about how we can integrate the outdoors into our lives effectively. It seems like most of the online outdoor social networks are focused on gear or “extreme” activities, but I’m sure we could find a home elsewhere online if I decommission this site. Does anyone have any votes? or a Facebook group come to my mind – any other alternatives we should look at?

4 responses to Is there another place for outdoorists online?

  1. How about promotion instead?

  2. What sort of promotion?

  3. You know, spreading the word on relevant sites.

  4. That would make sense to me if I felt like I had built something to promote here, but in the end I don’t feel like much of value is offered on this site that can’t be achieved elsewhere more easily. But obviously I haven’t taken offline yet, so I’m conflicted :).

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