Weekday Warrior

It sounds like a simple idea. If a Weekend Warrior conducts her career during the week and outdoor life on weekends, a Weekday Warrior works weekends and plays during the week. Or something along those lines. The important part of the idea is that the usual cultural prescription of “career first, ‘hobby’ second” is reversed. This is an attempt to make work subservient to outdoor life and values.


  • Aligns lifestyle with personal values
  • Less work!

Outdoor Time

  • As much as can be afforded
  • No obligations, so time is high quality


  • No cultural support system – you’re on your own
  • Probably less money, maybe much less
  • Fewer security options like health insurance and retirement savings


  • Replace cultural support with family, friends, and online communities
  • Live modestly
  • Take small steps – a slow transition from Weekends to Weekdays may be more sustainable than a sudden leap
  • Share your experience (here!)

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