• Could just a glimpse of the outdoors provide a little of that recharge effect we crave? Oliver Burkeman writes that it does indeed, and this raises some interesting questions.

  • That would make sense to me if I felt like I had built something to promote here, but in the end I don’t feel like much of value is offered on this site that can’t be achieved elsewhere more easily. But obviously I haven’t taken outdoorism.net offline yet, so I’m conflicted :).

  • What sort of promotion?

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    Retirement is the promised land for the Weekend Warrior, when work is done and all your time can be devoted to what you value most. For outdoorists, this means an all-you-can-breathe-outdoor-buffet! I’ll be talking to Retirees I meet outdoors to see how close they come to reaching this ideal. Main Attractions Culturally approved and (mostly)…[Read more]

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    Many of us who are inspired by our public parks and wildernesses eventually seek careers managing those resources. Here I’ll collect what I learn from the land managers I meet and talk with. Main Attractions Make a difference for the outdoor resources you love Get to know the places you manage in depth Outdoor Time The jobs with less pay […]

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    I just turned outdoorism.net into a buddypress site!